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On the one hand, this newfound bellicosity reflects the nature of the ' scam' -- with much more ambiguity and room to manoeuvre for the Congress than was the case with 2G.
The test was a failure, but it showed that Kim would adopt his father's stance of defiant bellicosity.
Kennedy, however, grew weary of his deputy national security advisor's bellicosity and moved him to the State Department, where he headed the Policy Planning Staff.
Quoting from a litany of respected books on the history of pre-Holocaust Jew hatred, they impart unique perspective on the nihilistic philosophies that proliferated throughout Europe in the early 20th century as well as offering a salient exploration of the genesis of bellicosity towards Jews and the ramifications thereof.
Today, Iraq is broken and poses no threat, while the US under Barack Obama has (at least temporarily) abandoned bellicosity.
Apparently alarmed by the reckless and provocative performance of his close advisor and the effect Arad's bellicosity might have on the Americans, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu distanced himself from some of Dr.
This situation has been aggravated by the recent bellicosity of the new right-leaning Israeli government and its stated animosity toward Iran.
In other words, Rome was not exceptional in its bellicosity and was hot transformed to a predator state by 330 BCE.
Lieberman endorsed John McCain, making the focal point of his opposition not Obama's social liberalism--he's fine with that--but his lack of bellicosity in foreign policy.
His bellicosity regarding Iran differs from John McCain's only in that Obama would theoretically deign to hold talks with Iranians "at a time and place of my choosing," while refusing to rule out a preemptive strike.
He finds the answer in the fluctuation of Israel's materialist militarism, which at its high point allows military service to be symbolically exchanged for legitimate social dominance, thus allowing a high degree of bellicosity.
Though a recently issued National Intelligence Estimate found that Iran had suspended its program to build a nuclear bomb in 2003, the Bush administration has not toned down the level of its bellicosity toward the country.