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Nichola McAuliffe, meanwhile, transforms beyond recognition as the mysterious van owner, inhabiting completely every soiled layer and imbuing her with a wonderful balance of belligerence and vulnerability.
The regime of al-Saud should know that our war with them will happen for as long as they maintain their disbelief, oppression, mightiness and belligerence against the religion of the Almighty, and that the heads of this regime and its henchmen are legitimate targets for the mujahideen," SITE quoted the statement as saying.
Although it took Japanese prompting and Germany's declaration of war for most Americans to focus on Axis belligerence prior to December 7, 1941 a group of 22 US citizens had already volunteered to serve with the Royal Navy, starting in 1939.
The hostile belligerence of the No group offers no prospect of that.
But behind the belligerence was panic that reflected in a series of emergency meetings that started from Thursday night at Advani's residence to formulate the BJP's response to Shah's imminent arrest.
With Iran's antagonism toward Israel as vocal as ever - a belligerence Tel Aviv created almost single-handedly with its own hostile policies - and with Hamas waving a friendly hand to
A letter from Chamberlain - who served as an MP for Edgbaston, Ladywood and was a Lord Mayor of the city - was dated a week after Britain declared war on Germany and shows the strain of struggling to maintain peace in Europe in the face of Hitler's belligerence.
The belligerence of North Korea, seldom seen in history, has no obvious cause.
In human greed Comes the revival OfAa belligerence.
Announcing that Iran is legally entitled to develop nuclear energy, George Galloway, also criticized the hypocrisy of Israel`s belligerence towards Iran, which has its own illegal stockpile of nuclear weapons, IRNA reported.
As the Washington state-based quintet spews slashing, tuneful guitar rock in the mode of the Strokes and Arctic Monkeys, front man John Healy evokes the gleeful belligerence of a young Mick Jagger, ranting about natural disasters, religious visions, and that old favorite, treacherous chicks.
I'm bothered by a "World Wresting Experience" belligerence that has been infecting The Gay & Lesbian Review lately, possibly in desperation or reaction to perceived increased homophobia as reported by increased propagandistic media stirring Americans up for the next elections.