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Part II analyzes how LOAC has dealt with the status of NSAGs until the present, addressing in particular the recognition of belligerency doctrine, the preparatory works of the Geneva Conventions and AP II, and ad hoc arrangements in NLACs.
Consensus on the definition of lawful belligerency was only reached in the 1907 Hague Convention on the Rules and Customs of War on Land.
Other scholars maintain that recognition of belligerency is still a valid legal concept, pointing out that mere lack of use is insufficient grounds for a conclusion that a concept is no longer valid as a matter of law.
The right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized."
The Constitution says, "The right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized."
(52) Another view might be that the rules applicable to international armed conflict, as customary international law, apply to non-international armed conflicts that meet the threshold for a belligerency under the international law of war, (53) while any sort of contention that does not rise to such a level falls outside the law of war and is governed by domestic law only (in compliance with the state's obligations under international human rights law).
When a country closes its doors to others , it shows belligerency and in fact it is an act of war.
Success in this endeavor puts to test the whole rationale that mutual interests should help in gradually advancing peace and security at the expense of confrontation and belligerency. That remains to be seen.
Ankara today is in a state of belligerency with Damascus.
The All Assam Minority Students Union-led bandh in the State on August 28 was marked by killings, many injuries and a defiant belligerency. Like in the Azad Maidan violence in Mumbai on August 11, many policemen and media persons were injured in Assam on the bandh day.
Tom, not approving Ted's belligerency snatched it back and snapped: "Think I'm going to steal it.
Tamkin starts with a thesis stating that British policy towards Turkey during World War Two was misapprehended and misguided as Turkey's belligerency against Germany would only have been a burden on the Allied side and would not bring much benefit to them due to Turkey's military weakness and inadequate preparedness.