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When Dave was shown into the private office, he was still in the belligerent frame of mind, but when he saw a large fair man whirl in a revolving chair from dictating to a stenographer to face him, Dave's demeanor abruptly changed.
She had signaled us to stop, and our skipper had ignored the order; but now she had her gun trained on us, and the second shot grazed the cabin, warning the belligerent tug-captain that it was time to obey.
No whimper, nor sound, nor sign of fear, came from Jerry--only choking growls of ferociousness, intermingled with snarls of anger, and a belligerent up-clawing of hind-legs.
In truth, it was raining cats and dogs, such belligerent shower all unprovoked by him who had picked no quarrels nor even been aware of his enemies until they assailed him.
They are quite different from the indigenous Fulani who is Nigerians, the indigenous Fulani are itinerant cattle rearers and are themselves farmers, But with the influx of these immigrant Fulani Bororo from Niger with their belligerent nature, they started grazing their cattle on peoples' farms and attack any farmer that resist their trespasses.
ABSTRACT: After contextualizing North Korea's capacity for belligerent rhetoric directed toward the United States and its northeast Asian allies, the author examines the contention that rhetoric from Pyongyang represents a conflict escalation risk or even a casus belli.
PESHAWAR -- The PTI belligerent MPA, Qurban Ali has termed the Annual Development Programme (ADP) of the provincial government for the year 2016-17 as injustice with the ideology of the party.
The manual reveals that the term "enemy combatant" has been replaced by the designation "unprivileged belligerent," and that journalists labeled as such are legitimate targets.
was extremely intoxicated and belligerent when they confronted him about 3:45 p.
These recurring practices of a belligerent seeking to increase its financial and military capability are structured through the imperatives of two mechanisms: extraction and control variation.
Interestingly, he discusses not only how domestic politics in both Great Britain and the United States led to the outbreak of war, but also how domestic political squabbles also fueled opposition to the war within each of the belligerent nations.