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Out on the frost-stiffened salt marshes and moorland, this slate-grey ghost of a bird would reveal itself briefly to the lucky few belligerently battling the cold.
Then one Indian reporter asked the foreign secretary, Kanwal Sibal, about General Musharraf's interview to New York Times where he belligerently said that his overtures towards India were rebuffed, mentioned Kashmir and did his usual Musharraf-bombastic-talk.
Rather too belligerently, she thought, but he'll learn.
Hashem belligerently lashed at March 14 reactions from Speaker of the House Nabih Berri's call for a Parliament session in light of the stalemate situation in Lebanon.
It is also understandable that Salmon and Kennedy reacted belligerently and foolishly.
The former Sex Pistol puffs belligerently on a ciggy, huddled in the freezing cold outside The Mailbox's swanky Malmaison Hotel.
Downes isn't particularly mainstream or belligerently experimental, though his work with Troyka does expose a rugged electric face.
Even before a statement by the European Parliament expressing concerns about sectarian strife in Egypt and the treatment of Copts, the foreign ministry responded belligerently to the attack in a statement that said, "It is an internal Egyptian matter that no foreign party is allowed to consider.
Poem That belligerently Address People Who Believe I'm Self-Obsessed Or Something Like That': Well, you have an enormous ego too.
In the following months, according to the suit, the demeanor of Carlson, who previously had a close working relationship with Dwyer, became "threatening and angry," and he "persistently and belligerently badgered her" on trivial matters, such as who she ate lunch with, excluded her from meetings, wrongfully accused her of lying and at one point "abruptly snatched a piece of paper from her" in front of her co-workers.
It is clear that a belligerently occupying foreign army cannot win the hearts and minds of a population that still has the means and will to fight back.
Well, I have heard Southerners charged that the President is belligerently out to wage propaganda war in order to intimidate Southerners who are most likely going for secession.