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Kollek was a "phenomenal personality," Bellow wrote to his friend, Yiddish scholar Ruth Wisse, in 1992, a "schemer, finagler, and arranger" who "towers over most of the political figures I have known.
Although Bellow later regards his political adolescence as a form of innocence, Newman notes, he nonetheless continues to admire Trotsky's philosophy.
Bellow could be prickly, defensive, and fiercely competitive, but he was also loyal to his many close friends.
The bellow forms a flexible static seal that is leak-free, as long as the integrity of the bellows remains intact.
THE TOPIC: Nobel Prize winner Saul Bellow was born in Montreal to Russian Jewish immigrants in 1915.
Saul Bellow, que habria cumplido cien anos este mes, aunaba la pasion por las ideas con el conocimiento de los bajos fondos, la alta cultura con la experiencia del gueto.
This is what Zachary Leader writes about in his doggedly detailed and adoring biography of Bellow.
Bellow actuators (BA), produced by Festo, refer to one-way push-type pneumatic membranate elements (Fig.
The WaveHandler system behaves in a similar way: while each individual bellow advances and retracts in the same spot, a wave moves over the surface of the conveyor.
Yes, the Hillmans were friends with Saul Bellow and his wife, Janis.
Greg Bellow is a veteran psychoanalytical therapist, and here he takes a psychoanalytic perspective to contrast the passionate, brilliant, and loving 'young Saul' with the more cynical 'old Saul,' who lost touch with his inner life over the years.
Saul Bellow came to Poland for three weeks in 1959 as an American Specialist, a State Department program that sent prominent writers, scholars, and other public figures to lecture and meet their counterparts abroad.