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In the present instance it was retrograde, and in less than a minute after the bellowing report of the swivel among the rocks and caverns, the whole weight of the attack from the left rested on the prowess of the single arm of the veteran.
The Judge left the Court, looking deeply disgusted: But the Snark, though a little aghast, As the lawyer to whom the defense was entrusted, Went bellowing on to the last.
Sophie found herself thinking how in other lands their purchase would long ere this have been discussed from every point of view in a dozen prints, forgetting that George for months had not been allowed to glance at those black and bellowing head-lines.
Or at some rushing ford he would hear Jacala the Crocodile bellowing like a bull, or disturb a twined knot of the Poison People, but before they could strike he would be away and across the glistening shingle, and deep in the Jungle again.
In the silence that fell they could hear old Molly bellowing with pathetic monotony for her calf that had been taken from her.
This and a bellowing, roaring, rumbling voice made up my first impression of the notorious Professor Challenger.
The eminent Usher was regarding the bellowing monster with an amazement which had dried up all other sentiments.
But the yearning notes are very far away, and the noisy, blustering world is always bellowing so loud it drowns the dreamlike melody.