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* Belly breathing: Take slow, deep breaths that cause your abdomen to rise, then exhale slowly.
* A Sesame Street video on belly breathing (for younger children): "Belly Breathe" with Elmo at
Part IV includes ways to integrate mindfulness in the classroom as an everyday experience by starting each day with a short practice of belly breathing, mindful listening, or deep relaxation.
But if you could stand to be stretched in the spiritual department, don't be afraid to sit in lotus, do some deep belly breathing and, yes, even chant, "Om."
This athlete's prescribed breathing technique included "belly breathing" through the nose and into the diaphragm, and then exhaling by "sighing," as opposed to forceful exhales through pursed lips.
"There are certain ways that we can breathe to help us relax when we are feeling nervous--we can do something called 'belly breathing.' It's called belly breathing because you breathe so deeply that you can feel it in your belly.