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Moreover, these two varieties, being only slightly modified forms, will tend to inherit those advantages which made their common parent (A) more numerous than most of the other inhabitants of the same country; they will likewise partake of those more general advantages which made the genus to which the parent-species belonged, a large genus in its own country.
For example, children were invited to create a picture of someone who made them feel like they belonged, and responded:
SALAHAL-DIN/ Aswat al-Iraq: Police sources said here that 8 workers were wounded in bombing 7 residences belong to police personnel and a building that belonged to a high ranking security officer.
In a recent study, people with serious mental illness were interviewed and asked about the "communities" to which they belonged (Psychiatr.
The residents then stole a memory card of a camera that belonged to the peacekeepers.
a picture of farmland) into the category to which they belonged as quickly as possible.
There was also a steep drop in the number of people who belonged to defined benefit schemes, with this falling from 46 per cent to just 33 per cent during the period.
He further said that the commandoes, who forced their way into the besieged buildings, did not bother about which state they belonged to.
Police sources said that the peoples belonged to tribal areas and had fled from Swat after operation and were staying in Karachi.
And not everyone is good-willed: "If you belonged to the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you do not belong to the world, .
Phenotyping and genotyping of the isolates showed that each pair belonged to a different major serogroup (A, B, and C) and to a different genetic lineage (ST-7, ST32, and ST-2794) (Figure).
Both occasions belonged to black people, and his words resonated with me as I contemplated design changes in the Black Issues Book Review logo and greater participation in the premier annual book industry event, BookExpo of America.