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Those that have Belonger status--usually through birth, descent, marriage or grant--have the right to vote; other residents do not.
Most of all, we thank Brian Belonger, Green Bay fish manager for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, for his invaluable help throughout all of the years of this research project.
In light of Dupuis's point about the inevitable difficulties, strains, and tensions that attend the multiple belonger committed to Christianity's asymmetric standing, what would make one even want to?
Art PRN, the gallery in the coffee shops at PeaceHealth facilities in Eugene, features watercolors by Anita Belonger and photography by Chris Hallford through Aug.
When physical therapist Anita Belonger asked him what he wanted to work on, he said, "I want to walk.
In recognition of his contributions to the Territory Rockefeller was granted Belonger status by the government in Sept.
Watercolors by George Shultz and Anita Belonger, reception 5 p.
Working with their Belonger partners, The Wight Group has targeted 2009 for the resort opening.
Cordes and Ibrahim (1999) identified nine lifestyles existing in the US, and they are survivors, sustainers, belongers, emulators, achievers, I am me, experiential, socially conscious, and integrated.
One of the most touching aspects of this story," Sadler mused, "is that the local people, who call themselves 'Belongers', protested to the governor about the fact that the African slaves were in the prison--after all, they'd done nothing wrong--and the Belongers insisted that they should be set free and housed among the population.