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That's a pair of mittens belonging to Tabby Kitten; I only have to iron them; she washes them herself.
They're little dicky shirt- fronts belonging to Tom Titmouse --most terrible particular
Oh those are wooly coats belonging to the little lambs at Skelghyl.
AND she hung up all sorts and sizes of clothes-- small brown coats of mice; and one velvety black mole- skin waist-coat; and a red tail- coat with no tail belonging to Squirrel Nutkin; and a very much shrunk blue jacket belonging to Peter Rabbit; and a petticoat, not marked, that had gone lost in the washing --and at last the basket was empty!
As all the modified descendants from a common and widely-diffused species, belonging to a large genus, will tend to partake of the same advantages which made their parent successful in life, they will generally go on multiplying in number as well as diverging in character: this is represented in the diagram by the several divergent branches proceeding from (A).
We shall, when we come to our chapter on Geology, have to refer again to this subject, and I think we shall then see that the diagram throws light on the affinities of extinct beings, which, though generally belonging to the same orders, or families, or genera, with those now living, yet are often, in some degree, intermediate in character between existing groups; and we can understand this fact, for the extinct species lived at very ancient epochs when the branching lines of descent had diverged less.
We have seen that it is the common, the widely-diffused, and widely-ranging species, belonging to the larger genera, which vary most; and these will tend to transmit to their modified offspring that superiority which now makes them dominant in their own countries.
This research investigated what belonging meant to a group of young children aged between three and five years in an early care and education service, and the implications of their understandings.
Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) stormed the Bedouin community and bulldozers began demolishing housing barracks belonging to citizens of Jabal al-Baba.
Service consisting of the activities of the services of prevention of occupational risks of the Administration of the Community of Castilla y Len and its autonomous agencies, for public employees belonging to the province of Avila included in the social security system or Belonging to the different mutuals, excluding the one belonging to health institutions.
Throughout our lives, each of us develops understandings of what belonging is and how to negotiate our belonging through the structures of family, friendships, and community.
This project postulates that for some creators, a sense of belonging is a product of intellectual creation that has social value independent of the "stuff" associated with its creation.