belonging to the house

References in classic literature ?
Within those high walls, so forbidding in aspect, there lay charming gardens, gay with parterres of flowers, and shaded by noble trees, not only those belonging to the house itself, but those of other adjoining dwellings of the same character--one looked over park-like grounds covering some acres.
It had begun at a little shed belonging to the house, the roof of which had caught.
I took refuge in the courtyard belonging to the house which I inhabited, where I remained during the rest of the night, walking up and down in the greatest agitation, listening attentively, catching and fearing each sound as if it were to announce the approach of the demoniacal corpse to which I had so miserably given life.
Upon this wall, which enclosed the yard belonging to the house, there ran a black wooden railing on either side of the square pillars of the gates.
Nobody had appeared belonging to the house except a person in pattens, who had been poking at the child from below with a broom; I don't know with what object, and I don't think she did.
The footsteps we heard behind us were not the footsteps of any one belonging to the house.
Well, we had six or seven mangy harriers and beagles belonging to the house, I'll allow, and had had them for years, and that the Doctor put them down.
Them belonging to the house would have stopped her, but they might as soon have stopped the sea.
This stock market aims at the designation of a service provider who will be responsible for performing repairs on electrical installations and intercom in buildings belonging to the house of men.
Adel al-Jubeir is the second person not belonging to the House of Saud to hold the office, after Ibrahim bin Abdullah al-Suwaiyel.
Eulogizing fallen Hezbollah members at Kiserwan locality of Muaysrah mass rally, cleric Yazbek stressed that Lebanon shall never become a farmstead belonging to the House of Saud; He underscored Lebanon's strength as lying in Hezbollah prescribed: "party, army and people triad".
Congressmen belonging to the House Committee on Ways and Means raised the possibility of relieving the 14 generals of their duties at the BOC for violation of the Lateral Attrition law that provides for the firing of employees and officials of revenue agencies who fail to meet their collection target.