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This, however, he would not by any means consent to, so he remained all the evening with his helmet on, the drollest and oddest figure that can be imagined; and while they were removing his armour, taking the baggages who were about it for ladies of high degree belonging to the castle, he said to them with great sprightliness:
By means of water, an enemy may be intercepted, but not robbed of all his belongings.
Then, collecting my belongings, I crossed to where trente et quarante was being played--a game which could boast of a more aristocratic public, and was played with cards instead of with a wheel.
He swallowed his disappointment, while the Colonel bundled him into a ticca-gharri with his neat belongings and despatched him alone to St Xavier's.
Messua turned to soothe him, while Mowgli stood still, looking in at the water- jars and the cooking-pots, the grain-bin, and all the other human belongings that he found himself remembering so well.
She had made for herself a dress of some brown stuff like a nun's habit and had a crooked stick and carried all her belongings tied up in a handkerchief.
Then those words of his friend came back to him--the speech about the tendency of the people, especially of the ladies, on the American steamers to take to themselves one's little belongings.
She would strike him in his weakest point --his belongings.
But in examining his belongings I was fortunate enough to discover not only the method of the crime, but even its motives.
Hearing this, Tess felt so sick at heart that she could not decide to go home publicly in the fly with her luggage and belongings.
I have been trouble enough to my belongings in my day.
Once a man's belongings have been deposited upon one of these platforms he is a guest of the house, and that platform his own until he leaves.