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Nevertheless, be of good cheer, my beloved, and regain your health.
I cannot get the thought out of my mind that the green monkey is no other than our beloved Prince Alphege, transformed in this strange fashion.
King Alphege insisted on his brother sharing his throne, and they all lived to a good old age, universally beloved and admired.
He was beloved by every one in the house, and every one who came near it."
"That I knew, my Prince," he replied, "ere ever I threw my beloved blade at thy feet."
But with the boy gone there was nothing left, and after expedition upon expedition returned with the same hopeless tale of no clue as to his whereabouts, our beloved Princess drooped lower and lower, until all who saw her felt that it could be but a matter of days ere she went to join her loved ones within the precincts of the Valley Dor.
Tars Tarkas, Jeddak of Thark, is Tardos Mors' best beloved ally.
Cousin Clara, recollecting the perilous situation of our beloved chair, inquired what had become of it.
Pat beloved wife of the late Tom, much loved mum of Tom and Susan, cherished mother-in-law of Evelyn and devoted nan of Craig.
SO BELOVED can spearhead a double for trainer David O'Meara in the Price Bailey Ben Marshall Stakes at Newmarket.
Beloved wife of Simmy, dearly loved mam of Paul, Michelle and Kathleen and a devoted grandma of Lee, Dean, Victoria, Keira and Alysha.
devoted partner to Eddy, beloved mother to Linda, Sandra and Angela, mother-in-law to Jeff, Alex and Billy, treasured nanna Christopher, Mark, Gemma and Andrew.