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In an inferior, subordinate, or lower place in regard to any entity.

A court below is a lower court through which a case has passed. A case is removed for review from the court below to the court above, or a higher court. The forum where a lawsuit is initially brought is called an inferior court, or the court below.

See: a savoir

BELOW. Lower in place, beneath, not so high as some other thing spoken of, of tacitly referred to.
     2. The court below is an inferior court, whose, proceedings may be examined on error by a superior court, which is called the court above.
     3. Bail below is that given to the sheriff in bailable actions, which is so called to distinguish it from bail to t-he action, which is called bail above. See Above; Bail above; Bail below.

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Engineers studying tillage equipment seek systems that provide loose soil below ground to optimize root growth, and little above-ground disruption that increases erosion or prompts more tillage.
7 million 'Making Sense of Mining' project has also created a new underground classroom space, which is perfect for presentations and team briefings below ground.
The final install can be completed above or below ground with minimal interruption to mining operations and productivity.
Below ground, in the caverns of the three-storey 'underworld', cars are lovingly conditioned for their big appearance.
In late November 2003, 190 boxes of documents covered in burlap bags were uncovered 45 feet below ground near a pipeline in the New Mexico desert.
Analyses of clay-rich sediments excavated from a trench near Esh Shawal suggest that layers now 5 m below ground level were deposited on the lake bottom more than 250,000 years ago.
With tens of millions of tons of ore having been removed over the years, both mines contain extensive workings going down 6,800 feet below ground at McIntyre, and more than 4,000 feet at Hollinger.
The diagram (left) illustrates how the bathtub fortress is designed to protect the WTC foundation seven stories below Ground Zero.
has developed and successfully field tested a fundamentally new, non-invasive electromagnetic wave (EMW) inspection technology that can rapidly and reliably screen above and below ground piping for external corrosion.
Summary: The Tafejjart-1 well (TAJ-1) in the Bouanane licence, onshore Morocco, has reached a depth of 2,585 metres below ground level.