below standards

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The chairman also encouraged them to change their disposition towards public health centres, as it has shown over time people prefer going to the private hospital even when they are below standards compare to public health centres, where there are better facilities and professional hands.
The care fell well below standards and we sincerely apologise TRUST SPOKESMAN COURT YESTERDAY
It has been discovered that the food provided in the KU is unhygienic and of below standards. It is quite shocking news for not just students of the University but also for the general public, specifically, of Karachi.
The panel said the ex-theatre manager at Glangwili General, Car- omarthen, had been "sexu ally predatory" and his conduct had fallen below standards expected.
Rovers gaffer Darren Young said: "We fell below standards today."
This year, the project will continue in the areas which have high infiltration and inflows and/or lift stations operating below standards. Total wastewater flows to the treatment plant should be reduced through this aggressive infiltration and inflow control program, thereby reducing operational costs.
The DfE would not tell the Gazette how many Middlesbrough schools had been falling below standards for the past five years.
Reasonable people should find it shocking that some would watch the elderly suffer hypothermia in winter, be content with longer waiting lists for health treatment, accept an education system below standards in the rest of Britain and stand by while children live in poverty.
"To be honest, the fans installed are below standards.
ISLAMABAD, February 22, 2010 (Balochistan Times): MQM senator Haseeb Khan has tabled an adjournment motion against the recent statement of Interior Minister Rehman Malik given in National Assembly, in which he had declared 50% of drugs manufactured in the Country as spurious, and below standards. The motion floated by senator Haseeb Khan on Monday, was presented immediately after the Upper House began its session and would be debated later on.
He said: "It is good news that air quality has improved recently, although it is still below standards."