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The model features English White paintwork that matches the colour of the England team's jersey, a deep green stripe below the belt line and a decorative rose, the symbol of the England team, on both wheel arches.
Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said Cam's allegation is foul and below the belt.
The pair ended the feud that started with the guitarist's below the belt jibe, and other snipes, in his 2010 autobiography Life.
The hysteria mostly surrounded below the belt jokes told by Jack Whitehall and James Corden.
Unfortunately for club coach John Lockwood, he lost his first match when the eventual winner kicked him below the belt twice for which he was accredited with four points and took the bout.
Melbourne, Sept 4 (ANI): Lady Gaga 'cleanly' took issues below the belt as she spoke to silence her critics who claim she is a hermaphrodite.
Gallacher, who captained Europe in 1991, 1993 and 1995, said: "Sandy, unfortunately, is bitter at not being given the captaincy and what he has now done is below the belt for me.
BELOW the belt is probably the best way to describe Ian Parri's article on Lady Thatcher (Daily Post July 18), tasteless and unfair to an octogenarian who isn't in the best of health.
I don't think it would destroy us as a nation, but it would certainly be a kick below the belt, there is no doubt about that," said McLeish.
Rollers protruding above and below the belt allow manipulation of product speed vs.