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In an inferior, subordinate, or lower place in regard to any entity.

A court below is a lower court through which a case has passed. A case is removed for review from the court below to the court above, or a higher court. The forum where a lawsuit is initially brought is called an inferior court, or the court below.

See: a savoir

BELOW. Lower in place, beneath, not so high as some other thing spoken of, of tacitly referred to.
     2. The court below is an inferior court, whose, proceedings may be examined on error by a superior court, which is called the court above.
     3. Bail below is that given to the sheriff in bailable actions, which is so called to distinguish it from bail to t-he action, which is called bail above. See Above; Bail above; Bail below.

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This radar will also be able to identify mines or IEDs just below the ground surface.
Perhaps we do not know what wealth hides below the ground but we must know what wealth we have in our hands, Manasiev concludes.
The epicentre of the quake was centered near Sainik Farms area in South Delhi and happened at a depth of 10 kilometers below the ground.
These oilfields comprise closely spaced but highly compartmentalized ancient coral reefs buried about 6,000 feet below the ground surface.
The lawsuit said the Pegasus pipeline was buried less than a meter below the ground in the Mayflower neighborhood, which is about 40 km from Little Rock, the state capital.
This involves acquisition, processing and appraisal of a range of different data by conducting various imaging techniques which can draw a 3D picture of what lies below the ground.
8220;What makes this location especially attractive is the gas deposits are only 800 meters below the ground,” disclosed Mr.
Visually, this will be like no other potash mine in the world, it's disguised concealed building and the main works themselves are below the ground," said a spokesperson.
They prodded several inches below the ground to loosen soil so trained dogs could pick up the scent of human remains.
A major attraction of the interchange will be a three-level junction to be built below the ground level.
You can read your list at 30,000 feet or below the ground in the subway on the way to work.
Before the demolition, experts set up 80 stainless-steel-wire-rope absorbers for the first time to avoid damaging nearby Subway Line 2 - located some 10-14 metres below the ground.