below the mark

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A 3lb rise seems a bit harsh perhaps, but he is still some way below the mark of 70 off which he was triumphant a few years ago.
Strengthening Nacta was one of the 20 points of the National Action Plan (NAP), and while its performance remained below the mark and limited in most cases, that did not deter it from releasing statements instead of taking any concrete measures expected from it.
EST Tuesday after hovering just below the mark for the better part of Monday.
If his off-screen behaviour falls below the mark, it's up to his bosses at the BBC to deal with that.
50 Wolverhampton SP forecast 15-8 Improved for the fitting of cheekpieces when scoring over course and distance last week and 6lb penalty still leaves her 10lb below the mark off which she started handicapping.
Although the city did not meet the requirement of 50,000 residents in 2012 at the last count, Troy maintained the incoming money through a grandfathering provision that lets places that slipped below the mark to still get the benefits.
31 million units after seasonal adjustments, up 390,000 from the previous month, topping the 15 million threshold after a dip below the mark in April, Autodata Corp.
As for those with more than 100,000 becquerels, the ministry made it possible to bury them after the level of cesium falls below the mark by solidifying them with cement.
According to her critics her attempts at reaching the recording's high notes fall well below the mark, and she is often drowned out by the piano.
The questionable manoeuvre by Lahoub cost Shamardel the match as they fell below the mark having to turn and go back to go round losing irreparable time.
The concept of IDPs still exists in the country, but the litigation resulted "in below the mark returns, and there is no need to impose this levy again in the next fiscal year".
Such people do not have any experience of administration and they succeeded to qualify by the power of votes or by selection and this handicap causes below the mark functioning of local government institutions, he added.