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The Belt was captured by a little girl named Dorothy, who lives in Kansas, in the United States of America.
One of my spies, who is a Blackbird, flew over the desert to the Land of Oz, and saw the Magic Belt in Ozma's palace," replied the King with a groan.
So when the day approached he put on his invisible belt, took a sack of gold pieces with him, and slipping into her room in the middle of the night, he placed the bag of gold beside her bed and returned to his sheep.
Then for the first time he noticed, just as he reached his master's house, that he had forgotten the belt which made him invisible.
Alec, surveying the belt with great disfavour as he put the clasp forward several holes, to Rose's secret dismay, for she was proud of her slender figure, and daily rejoiced that she wasn't as stout as Luly Miller, a former schoolmate, who vainly tried to repress her plumpness.
It will fall off if it is so loose," she said anxiously, as she stood watching him pull her precious belt about.
He undid the burnished belt, and beneath this the cuirass and the belt of mail which the bronze-smiths had made; then, when he had seen the wound, he wiped away the blood and applied some soothing drugs which Chiron had given to Aesculapius out of the good will he bore him.
Oh, we must give Ozma time to put on the Magic Belt," replied the girl.
And as if all this were not enough, he had a belt full of golden guineas round his loins.
said Harvey, with quivering lips, as he fumbled at the clasp of the belt.
He's fast still," he whispered to Dan, who slipped out his knife and cut the line, as Harvey flung the belt far overside.
But, stay a moment - look here, it has just fallen of its own accord into the last hole of the belt.