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Tensionless food grade belting fits loosely and allows you to lift the belt for full access to the inside of the conveyor system.
This solution saves maintenance departments' costly time and man power expenses, not to mention the upfront cost on the belting.
Here the question is, Once the imperatives of modernism (which had supplied, Belting argues, our understanding of art tout court) no longer hold sway, what structure of art remains?
When the damage is so big we have to splice in a new section of belt, then we have two splices with twice the cost and downtime, plus the cost of the belting.
An array of Intralox plastic link-style belting compliment the modularity of the system.
Holding more patents than most suppliers in the conveyor belting industry, Wire Belt has a strong record of new product introduction.
The committee expects the trends of the past two years to continue, with increased light weight belting demand from the food processing and package handling industries, and steady consumption of heavy weight belt from the heavy construction and mining sectors," the RMA said.