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Belying its location in the deep freeze of the outer solar system, Neptune is anything but dormant.
Belying the 19th century exterior of 104 Wooster St., the duplexes are space-age modern, with 12.5-foot ceilings, wide-board white oak floors and lavish detailing, including massive pine girders and columns joined by iron straps, remnants of the building's past.
The traditional costumes, credited to Koenig and Jean Nolden, were tastefully opulent, belying the ballet's small budget.
Dichroic luminaires fixed to 6mm stainless lighting rods, slotted through holes in the brackets, make them seem even more insubstantial, the appearance of glittering fragility belying their real strength.
The genre becomes an "elastic zone" in which one finds a "frivolous picaresque" catering to upper class prejudices and fantasies and belying its earlier status as reform-minded social satire.
(Later, Rosenthal chose to run bylined stories by such right-wing hacks as Claire Sterling and Shirley Christian, belying his concerns about "politicized" journalism.)