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How a life of lap dogs and thoughtful interior decorating came to include this single grisly act carried out with a cool-headed resolve belying the patriotic fervor that inspired it--is the story that will keep you pushhtg past pages of Who's Who Among the Dead Nobility.
Belying its location in the deep freeze of the outer solar system, Neptune is anything but dormant.
Belying the 19th century exterior of 104 Wooster St.
Dichroic luminaires fixed to 6mm stainless lighting rods, slotted through holes in the brackets, make them seem even more insubstantial, the appearance of glittering fragility belying their real strength.
It is, after all, the country's oldest outdoor dance festival, founded in 1933 by Ted Shawn in the lush Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts, the rough-hewn exteriors of its buildings belying the sophistication of the art on view within.