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The PTI was divided about whether to celebrate their leader's acquittal or to bemoan his benefactor's ouster.
The Blues were thrashed 5-2 inside the Olympic Stadium last night to crash out 6-4 on aggregate and the skipper says his side did not come up to scratch - althoough he did bemoan their luck in front of goal.
Sometimes the Yanks' lack S of any cultural awareness outside of their coastline is staggering, so don't be surprised should Bubba or any prairie dwellers from middle America bemoan the lack of a Dunking Doughnuts delivery service in the High St or topless waitresses in the Rose and Crown saloon bar.
They also bemoan the fact that they have to take mountains of paperwork home, in order to prepare for the next day.
Another section profiles NBA star Etan Thomas and his activism as sports fans bemoan an era in which the outspoken athlete appears to be a relic from the 1960s and 1970s.
Why do some people in racing bemoan the increase in all-weather tracks?
I bemoan the fact that central government will not give cities and towns the powers today to build iconic buildings as they did a century ago.
EBay sellers who bemoan the often-fuzzy photos many sellers maintain will look for improvement after reading Dan Gookin and Robert Birnbach's EBAY PHOTOS THAT SELL: TAKING GREAT PRODUCT SHOTS FOR EBAY AND BEYOND (0782143811, $29.99).
"Compared to the rest of the company," says American Ballet Theatre's Marian Butler, "the corps works a lot." But this 10-year veteren doesn't bemoan her heavy schedule.
While clerics condemn it and Tel Aviv hipsters bemoan its location, if successful, WorldPride will prove that religion and homosexuality can coexist in a place of extreme historical, spiritual, and political tension.
Reading condemned Coca-Cola Championship strugglers Brighton to a fourth successive defeat last night, leaving livid Seagulls boss Mark McGhee to bemoan the performance of referee Kevin Friend and his fellow officials.
We bemoan their futures, the tack of funding for our public schools and the high attrition rates of teachers worn down by overcrowded classrooms, bureaucracy, discipline issues, and parental neglect.