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John Askey commended his side's efforts - but bemoaned some slipshod defensive work.
England captain Andrew Strauss has bemoaned his side's failure to push on after they suffered an embarrassing 10-wicket defeat to Sri Lanka in their World Cup quarter-final.
Coyle bemoaned poor defending for both Wolves goals.
White chided the plaintiffs for bringing the challenge, bemoaned the federal court precedent regarding government displays of religious symbols, quoted Dante, discussed the Catholic Church's definition of purgatory and laced the opinion with coy references to religion before concluding that the monument is constitutional.
The first of Flanagan's pieces for The Atlantic to earn national attention bemoaned this "exploitation" with the fervency of a woman who had just realized that her under-the-table relationship with her nanny's paycheck was cheating the woman out of Social Security credits, thus implicating Flanagan "in the murderous process by which human cargo is transported into this country to ease the lives of the middle class.
While many major headlines bemoaned the recession, the newsletter's take went against the current: the economy wasn't a lost cause, and a recovery wasn't just wishful thinking.
For years, the building was man aged by Helmsley Spear, who the Malkins bemoaned for their poor leasing performance.
The editorial bemoaned how "effective" this rightwing strategy was.
Aston Villa manager David O'Leary has often bemoaned the lack of playing resources at his disposal, but when it comes to a possible solution, he need look no further than the dugout.
At the start of the festive period I bemoaned the mess the club was in.
ITEM: The Minneapolis Star Tribune bemoaned infighting over competing Medicare reforms.