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And there full often he bemoaned his fate, asking what crime was his that he should be shut up within four walls when other men were free.
Thereupon, Morleena Kenwigs wept afresh, and they bemoaned themselves together.
At last there came by an old, hobbling woman with a crutch stick; who first stopped a little, close to where we lay, and bemoaned herself and the long way she had travelled; and then set forth again up the steep spring of the bridge.
And he cursed his past follies and extravagances, and bemoaned his vast outlying debts above all, which must remain for ever as obstacles to prevent his wife's advancement in the world.
With these words poor Dolly, who to do her justice was quite as sorry for the loss of the letter as for her bracelet, fell a-crying again, and bemoaned her fate most movingly.
Ten thousand responsible houses surrounded him, frowning as heavily on the streets they composed, as if they were every one inhabited by the ten young men of the Calender's story, who blackened their faces and bemoaned their miseries every night.
He hid his face in his burning hands, and feebly bemoaned his own weakness, and the cruelty of his persecutors.
So saying, Mr Quilp put his hat on and took himself off, and Mrs Quilp, who was afflicted beyond measure by the recollection of the part she had just acted, shut herself up in her chamber, and smothering her head in the bed-clothes bemoaned her fault more bitterly than many less tender-hearted persons would have mourned a much greater offence; for, in the majority of cases, conscience is an elastic and very flexible article, which will bear a deal of stretching and adapt itself to a great variety of circumstances.
Macc boss John Askey commended his side's efforts -but bemoaned some slipshod defensive work.
Summary: England captain Andrew Strauss has bemoaned his side's failure to push on after they suffered a 10-wicket defeat to Sri Lanka.
BURNLEY boss Owen Coyle bemoaned referee Martin Atkinson's decisions not to award two penalties to his side in the 2-0 loss to Wolves.
PORTSMOUTH boss Paul Hart bemoaned his side's worst display of the season and admitted they are still not safe from relegation.