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Your correspondent can pen another furious missive bemoaning the fact that day to day duties are being neglected.
During the course of the article, however, she doesn't hint at any concrete measures that her organisation has suggested or campaigned for and merely travels down the well-trodden politically correct road of bemoaning the trend itself with sentiments that nobody could really dispute.
Blubbing Bubba Watson hated his recent experience in Paris, bemoaning the lack of discipline in French crowd control, the whiff of garlic in the wind and apparently believing the Eiffel Tower to be a giant Meccano set.
Messahel, in an opening address at the Algerian-Libyan Follow-up Committee meeting (January 8-9), said "it is necessary to strengthen the legal framework governing trade between the two countries," bemoaning the low volume of commercial exchanges between them as it "doesn't exceed USD50 million," according to 2008 figures.
That was then and this is now, our lives have changed for the better with holidays abroad, and the dog-eared rent book thankfully being replaced with the mortgage deed, and still, so many of us fail to earn anywhere near what the teachers, currently bemoaning their lot, rake in; pounds 20,000 to pounds 34,000 in most cases.
I CAN'T quite see the argument in the letter from Saddened Shopper bemoaning the fate of local shops (Mailbag January 12).
The message of Trust and Honesty is similar to that of a number of recent books bemoaning the apparent slide of corporate ethics that triggered scandals like Enron and WorldCom.
"In bemoaning our nation of secular laws, she misrepresents the nature of our government.
But instead of bemoaning the low blows struck in the name of electoral politics, from Swift-boat slanders to friend-of-terrorist smears, Mark is convinced that negativity is a distinctly positive feature of U.S.
I WAS amused by the letter from Graham Skinner, Liverpool Vision Community Engagement Panel, last week bemoaning the fact that nothing is happening on development opposite a Stephen Shake-shaft photograph of development at the Princes Dock, and just behind St Nick's a major tall building being built.
Secondary smelters and other consumers of aluminum scrap have been bemoaning tight (or non-existent) margins for years.
Perhaps those who are beating the breast about Best's inexorable slide are bemoaning their own lost youth, tapping into an era when life seemed more naove, enjoyable and optimistic.