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The most disappointing and puzzling aspect of the article, however, is that while Ms Jardine bemoans the lack of role models in education for these cultural groups (which her figures quote as making up 3% of our population), she ignores the most obvious imbalance imaginable in a group where more role models would have a direct impact upon standards that are currently woefully short.
D oldfield (Viewpoints, August 16) bemoans the American takeover of all things British.
Her antics frequently get her into trouble, and she bemoans her impulsiveness but recovers quickly to start anew.
In our back-page essay, school founder Kristin Kearns Jordan bemoans the precious time and money her teachers must waste fulfilling the stare's mindless course requirements.
Brown bemoans the fact that the Ascot Gold Cup was not fought out by the four-year-old colts Vinnie Roe and Wareed.
6), Dan Oswald of Lawrence Ragan Communications bemoans the company's difficulties in hiring and retaining editors.
Just as some of the art bemoans the state of society, many of the critics have used the occasion of the Biennial to bemoan the state of art, as they did with the Carnegie International.
In Part 1 a wealthy white woman named Claire bemoans at length how grotesque the world has become now that so many people spit on the sidewalk.
Nudds bemoans the tendency to assume that a disease which kills many animals necessarily holds the population in check.
Fox-Genovese bemoans the Supreme Court's decision, in Planned Parenthood v.
While CoCo bemoans long days in the hot sun pushing fast food roadside, Digital Max details his many powers in the digital world.
He bemoans the lot of the sub-continental workers making cheap clothing.