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superstar greeted bemused with the "Good evening, Newcastle." In other news, a major multi-million pound search to find evidence for the Loch Ness Monster revealed nothing, while work began on the Channel Tunnel between England and France.
The former Umno Youth chief had a bemused expression on his face as his colleagues walked out in protest and was seen glancing to his left and right at the empty seats surrounding him and was featured in the meme.
Bemused, a selection of poems, is not Salman's first published work; apart from being associated with Dawn for the last 14 years and writing extensively on culture, art and literature, his columns published on Karachi's colonial buildings were compiled and published under the titled Karachi - Legacies of Empires.
So, I am both grateful and somewhat bemused by my inclusion here."
In an internet video, the group can be seen standing with placards in front of packaged chicken, beef and pork, while shoppers look on bemused.
Declaring herself "bemused" by his adoring legion of new young fans, Justine clearly saw it as a positive sign that had engaged young people and garnered her husband massive publicity.
However, Ron Atkinson seemed bemused by the whole affair.
enthusiasm shown by the marchers, the Orange Walk leaves many locals - and English tourists - bemused.
London, May 30 (ANI): It has emerged that Queen Elizabeth II, who was said to be bemused by the frisking scene at the dinner party hosted by US President Barack Obama for her at Winfield House was seen leaving the party early.
Graham Smith Bemused by Meydan Tom Queally's assessment of the World Cup was spot-on.
Summary: The Vatican newspaper has declared that The Simpsons are Catholic, a claim that has left the show's producer bemused.
This is in response to Mr "Bemused" (GDN, March 11) and the string of responses.