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People have been very bitterly disappointed and bemused by the event.
Oh no, not really," the Telegraph quoted the bemused Queen as saying.
The Vatican newspaper has declared that The Simpson's are Catholic, a claim that has left the show's producer bemused.
So dear Mr Bemused, try not to generalise when it comes to this issue.
LEE Colkin rightly looked bemused after witnessing his luckless Rugby Town side more than match play-off seeking neighbours Leamington but yet again failed to find a cutting edge.
MZ) has said that he was bemused by rating agency Moody's Investor Service's move, in which it had placed ratings of major banks in the country under review for possible downgrade.
SIMON MENSING admitted he was bemused by ref Dougie McDonald's decision to axe his goal in a dramatic Lanarkshire derby.
Then I look at him at other times and he almost looks bemused as to why we're playing so fast and giving the ball away.
WEST Park head coach Martin Jones insists he is bemused by his side's disciplinary record.
Bemused revellers in the VIP area watched as the star ran into the car, protected from the rain by a security guard holding an umbrella.
Twins Michael (who directed and co-scripted) and Mark (also wrote, and plays a bemused FBI agent in the picture) have been responsible for such very odd, very indie efforts as "Northfork" and "Twin Falls, Idaho.
Bemused villagers discovered a gang of workers from Cardiff was installing a sewer near the rail station.