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The final occasion he trudged bemusedly away, Favaro received applause from sympathetic Dragons' supporters, one offering him a seat in the grandstand
One of his favourite anecdotes is when someone looked at him bemusedly and asked, "What's your story?
The hushed art-historical precinct of Minimalism is interrupted and delicately mocked by the microcomedy of everyday life in the museum--members of the public peer bemusedly at Stella's Tuxedo Junction, 1960; the same artist's Effingham I, 1967, is seen half-crated--but is also again related to the infrastructure that frames it: fluorescent lights and electric outlets that resemble nothing so much as small sculptural interventions in competition with the art proper.
In them, the author, quietly and bemusedly, illuminates the fascinating tension between the bombastic Rossellini character - free-ranging, charismatic, and seemingly unable to avoid the highest drama in his personal life - and his cinema, which deliberately shunned so many forms of hyperbole, seeking to pare away artifice from performance and image.
What he most covets, though, is his relationship with his bemusedly tolerant, longtime secretary, Maggie Cutler, played with unyielding, luminous integrity by Sally Holden.
There's phenomenon in Hawaii," says Matthew Hart, the resort's former general manager, bemusedly.
Dirty Sexy Money" goggles at the Darling family -- an unholy mash-up of the Kennedys and the Hiltons -- in much the same manner that we drop our jaws at real-life celebutards, wallowing luxuriantly and bemusedly in their self-destructive peccadilloes.
I sometimes bemusedly tell myself that my patients seem to do some of their best work while I am talking because, in these moments, they are often only half listening to me" (p.
THE audience is looking bemusedly at a group of dancers - one dressed as a runner bean, another a salt cellar, another a bottle of water and so on.
My father bemusedly called himself "the picture of sartorial elegance" in his tuxedo, a fresh rosebud from the garden in his lapel.
I'm practically wrapped around my steaming cup of tea as I wonder bemusedly how these Scandinavians can find pleasure in drinking cocoa on a cold bench in the midst of a pending blizzard, and I strain my ears to hear the rhythms of life in a street far away from Amman.
In ten years' time, nobody will remember what all the fuss was about and our children will look at us bemusedly and ask: "So, run that one by me again.