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After the anonymous motorcycle gang tears up the church and Martin is killed in a traffic accident, the shaken George, bemusedly searching for where he keeps sugar, suddenly seems to see "part of the wall painting in the church.
The unconverted will remain bemusedly in their camp, though all should agree that the eponymous pooch is now an uncontested winner in the "most lovable Todd Solondz character" sweepstakes.
This well-meaning drama (at least, I assume it's well-meaning) tells the tale of Einar Wegener, a real-life transgender pioneer who transitioned into a woman named Lili Elbe in the 1920s -- but the film has its work cut out, trying to bridge the chasm between, on the one hand, those whose only contact with transgender issues has been staring bemusedly at Caitlyn Jenner in Vanity Fair and, on the other, a vocal trans community who don't even see this as the story of a man who becomes a woman (it's the story of a woman who sheds her fake existence in a man's body).
62) expresses this when describing bemusedly his reaction to his hands on the piano taking one course of action and his mind another.
Carrie Snyder and Heather Birrell write bemusedly about the balancing act between writing and child-rearing.
The fight escalates in intensity, and the two fighters ultimately start rolling around on the ground together until the two cornermen bemusedly dump their buckets of water over the two boys, ending both the fight and the film.
He is a boyish 44, with short, greying hair, a soft, light tenor voice, and an impish manner that looks ironically and bemusedly at his life and the classical music world he inhabits.
There these ordinary Pinoys were, eagerly holding out their hands to be shaken by the visiting American leader, even as their own boss P-Noy stood off to one side, smiling bemusedly at this display of Filipino hospitality and friendliness.
Posting pictures on interactive sites is shorthand for communication, presumably more meaningful to those who do it than those who stand outside the circle bemusedly observing.
This arc of the author's quest is poignant failure and inevitably reminds one of the reporter at the end of Citizen Kane, bemusedly pondering what Rosebud means while the sled with that name burns in a nearby furnace.
In "Neutral Tones," though, even in the past scene itself there were only the remnants of love--stray phenomena of face and dress, and stray words, turned over by the captive mind as absent-mindedly as a foot in such a situation might distractedly, bemusedly, turn over leaves.
"The Last Few Kilometers" follows a man bemusedly returning from his mistress early one morning by train back home to Moscow.