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This arc of the author's quest is poignant failure and inevitably reminds one of the reporter at the end of Citizen Kane, bemusedly pondering what Rosebud means while the sled with that name burns in a nearby furnace.
In "Neutral Tones," though, even in the past scene itself there were only the remnants of love--stray phenomena of face and dress, and stray words, turned over by the captive mind as absent-mindedly as a foot in such a situation might distractedly, bemusedly, turn over leaves.
The Last Few Kilometers" follows a man bemusedly returning from his mistress early one morning by train back home to Moscow.
As for the sex-symbol thing, he can only shake his head bemusedly.
A photographer was arranging his equipment across from him, while he bemusedly awaited some kind of publicity shoot.
A few minutes later Owen bemusedly added: "Watched it all laughing my head off as the police returned to drag him out.
Elena gazes bemusedly at this enormously self-indulgent young lady, knowing she has before her the very embodiment of her consumer demographic.
SITTING AT THE FAMILY BREAKFAST table late one recent morning, I looked around bemusedly at the bandof sleepy, late rising college friends my daughter Liz had as sembled: Sabeen, a Pakistani American; Daniel, a Korean American; Brinay, an African American; and Matt, a white guy who is gay.
When we finally made it to Gombe, long after our scheduled arrival, beaten down by our cinematic adventures, Goodall greeted our knock at her door in the wilderness in utter darkness with serene and unruffled composure and listened bemusedly as we breathlessly unloaded our stories.
Armed with nothing more than the idea I approached the tipstaff of the then Chief Justice, who listened bemusedly to my request to observe and take notes in the proceedings and then gave me the title for my piece by saying 'well I suppose it is a bit of a tribal custom'.
He bemusedly recalled the Nazi interrogators misperceiving the significance of his last name, saying "Goldman?
In Five Chiefs Stevens bemusedly describes the "extensive and interesting discussion[s] of history" in Scalia's opinions while making clear that such methodology is not the talisman that his brethren think.