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So it was with great surprise, and a little bemusement, that Ora - decked out all in black bar her bright green trainers - should willfully spurn such a glorious chance to attract new fans.
The news transforms unpopular loner Kyle into a poster child for the community to the bemusement of Kyle's one true friend.
Somehow, Kirk ends up on a date with Molly, a beautiful passenger who passes through his security gate at Pittsburgh airport who seems keen, much to the bemusement of Kirk''s jealous buddies, who rate their man as a five or six and Molly a perfect 10.
Featuring a good old-fashioned father-of-the-girl interrogation, The Dragon of Nevermore, Very Large and Ferocious Orange Bats, a White Unicorn Owl, and the Maze of Bemusement, this book has romance, adventure and humour.
As more and more cougars come out of the closet, Demi Moore, much to her bemusement, has become the poster girl for the term, but as shows centring on the phenomenon go on air around the world, we in India have yet to really see the dynamics of the reverse age disparity in sexual relationships.
However, the necessity to hold two conflicting positions simultaneously creates a certain level of bemusement.
He traveled from Hong Kong to Tibet, the Gobi Desert, Beijing, Shanghai, and dozens of stops in between, and he relates his experiences in a tone of confused bemusement, not intended to be objective.
These days the resorts need to be further afield, more exotic, and related to the green environmental agendas which are politically desirable in the West, and a matter of some bemusement in the developing world.
It is, then, with some bemusement that we learn that travel speeds on Birmingham's city centre roads are only the seventh worst in the country.
Whether the target audience for the series is the evangelical market or the gay and lesbian market isn't entirely clear, but Jay's tattooed and pierced appearance and hip-punk manner guarantee that the two groups will have very different reactions (wrath and bemusement, respectively, one would imagine).
He underlines the many hilarious anecdotes with a gentle bemusement, if not quite an affection, for corporate life.
The word fad is usually attached to a temporary phenomenon that will most likely be looked back upon with a sense of bemusement several years down the road.