bench of judges

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We confess that the remarkable coincidences, the many convicting evidences, and the inexplicable silence on the part of the accused, as well as a total absence of any evidence for an alibi, were enough to warrant the bench of judges in assuming that in this man alone was centered the truth of the affair.
Nalini had approached the High Court before a bench of judges led by Justices Sunderesh and Nirmal Kumar to argue her case seeking six months of ordinary leave for the preparations.
It is a rigorous competition very much similar to court proceedings, where participants present a fictional case and argue it out before a panel that would be similar to a bench of judges in a court of law.
They argued that the Constitution prohibits the use of a portrait of an individual on any Kenyan currency, and asked the court to stop the circulation of the new notes.The case was forwarded to Chief Justice David Maraga who will constitute a bench of judges to determine it.
Speaking at the event surrounded by a full bench of Judges of the High Court and President of the Court of Appeal, the Acting Chief Justice (ACJ), Maseforo Mahase said the Bible teaches that it is during emotional moments like this that we realise that the proverbial crown has fallen off from their collective heads and that the tallest tree that provided the eternal shade to their aspirations in the promotion of human rights, rule of law and independence of the judiciary has suddenly been removed.
The ousted PM has appealed against the decision by the accountability court and a bench of judges from the Islamabad High Court will hear the appeals.
Michel contended that he had been previously acquitted of all the alleged accusations mentioned in the extradition request and asked the bench of judges to dismiss the request due to time lapse.
A court-appointed expert visited the excavation site, carried out several investigations and provided the bench of judges with a technical report, the findings of which confirmed that the defendant had breached the agreement and failed to honour its commitments.
HE Ahmed Ali Al Sayegh, Chairman of ADGM, said, "ADGM's commitment to providing an outstanding bench of judges drawn from the most senior levels of the judiciary of the world's leading common law jurisdictions has been further demonstrated with the appointment of these two highly respected and qualified judges.
They have to comply with the directions of the court," the bench of judges headed by Chief Justice T S Thakur said.
A three-judge bench reportedly said that the 2013 ruling would be re-examined by a larger bench of judges. The judges said that the issue was a "matter of constitutional importance," the ( BBC reported.
On July 29, after a Bench of judges BD Ahmed and Sanjeev Sachdeva pulled up the civic authorities and directed them to effectively carry out their work in the area, the SDMC officials went on a cleanliness spree.