bench warrant

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Bench Warrant

A process that is initiated by the court pro se in order to attach or arrest a person. An order that a judge, or group of judges, issues directly to the police with the purpose of directing a person's arrest.

A bench warrant is used for attachment or arrest in a case of Contempt, which is the willful disregard or disobedience of an authority such as the court. A bench warrant is also issued when an indictment, which is a written accusation of a person's guilt for an act or omission, is handed down. A third instance where a bench warrant is issued is to obtain a witness who disobeys a subpoena, which is a command to appear at a specified time and place to present testimony upon a certain matter.

bench warrant

n. a warrant issued by a judge, often to command someone to appear before the judge, with a setting of an amount of bail to be posted. Often a bench warrant is used in lesser matters to encourage the party to appear in court. (See: warrant)

See: search warrant

bench warrant

a WARRANT issued by a judge or court directing that an offender be apprehended.

BENCH WARRANT, crim. law. The name of a process sometimes given to an attachment issued by order of a criminal court, against an individual for some contempt, or for the purpose of arresting a person accused; the latter is seldom granted unless when a true bill has been found.

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The goal is to provide the kind of personalized legal representation that gives each client the best options possible for resolving their bench warrants and clearing their records.
The bench warrant was stayed because prosecutors did not ask for it.
ON BENCH WARRANT Keith Gillespie and, below, playing for Man Utd
If the defendant repeats this performance, a bench warrant will be issued and it will be served at the moment he is discharged from hospital.
Judge Peter Gibson issued an immediate bench warrant for Lynch's arrest.
The easy to use Traffic Ticket Justice website explains the consequences of traffic law violations and provides a direct link for a comprehensive analysis and consultations for a bench warrant and other traffic violations of the motor vehicle code.
He was also wanted on a bench warrant related to an April domestic assault charge, and had been scheduled to stand trial on December 3rd for a July home invasion during which he allegedly assaulted an ex-girlfriend.
Judge Michael Taylor issued a bench warrant for his arrest on his return.
A spokeswoman for Liverpool crown court said: ``The defendant did not appear as requested by law so Judge Boulton issued a bench warrant for his arrest.
Judge John Diehl QC had issued a bench warrant for his arrest last Friday.
I can't see any point in the bench warrant being issued.
He was finally arrested last month on a bench warrant and appeared at Liverpool crown court for sentence.