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The iPhone In Canada blog pointed out that the problem goes back in 2012 when bend tests showed the iPhone 5 had the same weakness.
4] + p - radial compressive stress in bend from punch increased by rubber pressure p compared to conventional bending, [[sigma].
The general assessment consisted of a visual examination of each bent-wood specimen, a description of the general level of wood failure, and ranking of the specimens according to the following levels: 1 = perfect bend, no final preparation or little sanding needed; 2 = very good bend, sanding needed or small amount of machining; 3 = decent bend, machining needed; 4 = just satisfactory bend, fairly large failure, but can be mostly removed by machining; and 5 = failed bend, very large failure with no chance of recovery.
offense - Quarterback: Ethan Ottemiller, North Bend.
Bend the top leg and keep it behind or in front of the straight leg.
14 ERA before being demoted to Single-A South Bend (Ind.
Just slip the right tip over the bent pin and gently, carefully, bend it back in shape.
Earlier this year, the women quilters of Gee's Bend--every able-bodied quilter in the exhibition--founded the Gee's Bend Quilters Collective.
If you can't see any further round the corner because the vanishing point remains stationary, then the bend is a `closing' one, and you must lose speed on approach.
The Quilts of Gee's Bend doesn't give you patterns or tell you how to replicate quilts.
The natural slight bend in the lead leg when it is lifted is fundamental to the lead-leg action (Photos 1-3).