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The ratio of the convex side of the radius of the bend to the thickness of the piece was 15.
What if soft polymers and organic materials could offer sufficient electronic control to spawn a new generation of lightweight, flexible machines that could bend to human needs in ways that current products cannot?
Ronen's expertise in customized solutions for mobile operators and his leadership in world-class services will enable Red Bend to become a trusted solutions provider that is integral to our customers' strategies.
In recent work, Kier has also discovered that the muscle arrangement in squid tentacles, which can snatch prey in an impressive 30 milliseconds, is similar to that in the slower-moving squid arms, which bend to manipulate the food during eating.
Now, we also can bring the industry's leading FOTA and device management capabilities from Red Bend to our customers.
In late 2007 or early 2008, Entergy will decide whether to submit its COL applications for Grand Gulf and River Bend to the NRC.
Participation in the OMTP group will allow Red Bend to better understand the needs of mobile network operators and to share its perspective on FOTA and mobile device management.
Openwave will work with Red Bend to combine vCurrentMobile with Openwave(R) Phone Suite V7 and with Openwave Mobile Device Manager to offer customers a comprehensive client to server offering for device management.
We are pleased to work with Red Bend to combine our industry-leading V7 and Mobile Device Management platforms with Red Bend's software.
The TOWER software will allow West Bend to achieve their goal to bring Web access to thousands of customers and more than 600 agents.