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If you make a working, bendable phone then it's a massive market," said Aravind Vijayaraghavan, a graphene researcher at Manchester University.
This leads to the bendable property of the class of devices made from them.
Samsung -- the world's top maker of smartphones and mobile phones in general -- unveiled in January the prototype of a bendable display called "Youm".
Four years ago, Wickam, now 30, made a bendable rifle to play Nintendo Wii shooting games out of plumbing scraps, and immediately saw the advantages over the motion-controlled pointers that come with the Wii and the PlayStation Move.
Designed for demanding bulk pneumatic conveying applications, this bendable heavy-wall static dissipative hose has a smooth interior to minimize friction loss.
Miles will continue its tradition of thanking the community by handing out numerous giveaways for the entire family, including eco-friendly drawstring backpacks, tie-dyed pencils, bendable rulers and balloons.
When was the Barbie doll first sold with bendable legs?
Frames are crafted from Grilamid TR-90 (a bendable, weather-resistant material made for the outdoors) and feature Precision Flex hinges for a custom feel on your face.
Dale Medical Products offers a bendable armboard that can be custom-shaped to fit a patient's specific wrist positioning needs.
Also required was that her lectern be stocked with water bottles and bendable (yes, that's bendable) straws.
The technology hinges on a bendable tip that improves guidewire performance, enables faster procedure completion, and provides cost benefits for patients as well as healthcare providers.
THE witch part of the name comes from the Old English word wiche, meaning bendable.