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3--Tube heater is activated and starts heating the bended tube zone.
Whether they admit it or not, wouldn't most women prefer to have their man get down on bended knee?
Two women took advantage of the leap-year tradition by proposing to their boyfriends and two guys got down on bended knee.
Indicating a range of interests that he intends to pursue in his work for the magazine, his other books include On Bended Knee: The Press and the Reagan Presidency and, most recently, The Eagle's Shadow: Why America Fascinates and Infuriates the World.
It had been fineblanked, belt sanded, washed and dried, offset bended, and U-bended.
Recent events had put him, he said, "on bended knee.
I too am so ashamed on bended knees, prayin' to my pretty white Jesus.
Thereupon Father Lourdel rushed to the Kabaka and on bended knees urged him to reconsider, saying, "God wants free service.
His master was Jules Verne, whose name Roussel would allow pronounced only "on bended knee," and it was fame equal at least to Verne's, if not to Victor Hugo's--or Napoleon's--that he sought.
Terrified of losing the plant, Texas dispatched economic-development delegations to Taiwan on bended knee, bearing promises of swift environmental approvals and a tidy $168 million package of tax abatements and other inducements.
The ASMT-FG10 incorporates an encapsulated LED chip on an axial lead frame to form a molded epoxy lamp package with six bended leads for surface mounting.
Brooks even playfully mirrored Bolt's stance and simultaneously bended his knees, imitating the runner's starting position.