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Bending, hydroforming, and heat treatment combinations have been employed to achieve the bending-bulging, and their influences on the component quality have been investigated.
While a static bend can stand a tighter bend radius, as it will bend only once during installation, the dynamic bend requires a greater radius, since this area of the circuit will face numerous bending cycles throughout the lifespan of the product.
[2] have developed a springback prediction analytical formulation for sandwich sheets based on a wrap-around assumption and primary bending theories.
Crop stem bending has been incorporated into many harvester designs, such as sugarcane, coppice, and corn harvesters.
The time that it takes to develop programs for CNC tube bending and laser tube cutting machines, for example, is typically reduced from hours to just minutes.
In most cases, these iPhones aren't bending enough to break them - though presumably, over time, repeated bending will cause serious damage.
Electrical control of IPMC bending (IPMC: Ionic Polymer-Metal Composite) is fundamentally, an important task for achieving a practical actuator of IPMC.
Depending on the bending radius, the amount of power radiates out of the fiber is parallel to the radius.
When contract documents don't show that field bending of embedded bars is planned, the problem is getting permission of the licensed design professional.
What: TruBcnd Cell 5000 BendMaster automated bending cell.
Summary: ISTANBUL (Cihan) - Canadian Researchers from Queen University, have developed a prototype flexible Smartphone interface that allows users to interact with applications on the phone by bending and manipulating the display.
Abstract: The paper is focused on theoretical analysis of bending process using elastic die.