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All other bar sizes must be preheated to 1,100 F to 1,200 F before bending, and the reheat length of reinforcing bar must be equal to at least five bar diameters in each direction from the center of the bend.
Therefore, on approach to any bend select the speed at which you can safely hold the same line through the bend.
It is essential that you make the decision about the exact speed before you start to steer through the bend.
This technique, discovered by Thornet in 1856, comb ined with steam plasticization is generally used in commercial applications when producing sharp bends (Dunnigan 1985).
The averages followed the hypothesized trend that slower rates should require less total work to produce the bends.
Possible structures include the use of four 90[degrees] bends with the input on the +z-axis and the output on a translated +z-axis (or -z-axis) (Figure 1b), the use of four bends of any angle for a general rotation of the input on the +z-axis to any other compound output angle and the use of only two bends of any angle with the input on the +z-axis and the output at any compound angle above the x-y plane (Figure 1c).
They're contortionists -- performers who can bend their bodies into seemingly impossible positions.
In conventional bending, variation in material characteristics causes deviation of the bend angle.
Enabled by Corning ClearCurve multimode fiber, Pretium Low-loss OM3 Jumpers with ultra-bend performance are able to accommodate a minimum bend radius of 8 mm (1.
There are a series of problems with current horn switches and airbag systems in the marketplace that Flexpoint believes they can solve using its Bend Sensor([R]) technology.
The ability to bend flanges from a flat 2D part, making the design of advanced sheet metal bends extremely easy and fast.
As for techies who made their own bend tests after the reports of the bending phones, some individuals defended Apple and questioned the tests.