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Robin had walked no farther than where the bend of the road hid his good men from his view, when he stopped suddenly, for he thought that he heard voices.
Scarcely had the echo of the last note of Robin's bugle come winding back from across the river, when four tall men in Lincoln green came running around the bend of the road, each with a bow in his hand and an arrow ready nocked upon the string.
So intent was Mombi on the treasures she had gained that when she turned the bend in the road and caught a glimpse of the man, she merely nodded and said:
First she gathered it together, stuck the fork into it, then with a rapid, supple movement leaned the whole weight of her body on it, and at once with a bend of her back under the red belt she drew herself up, and arching her full bosom under the white smock, with a smart turn swung the fork in her arms, and flung the bundle of hay high onto the cart.
The new tube bender features greater capacity in both tube diameter, bend radius and wall thickness.
The dimensions of a pipe, as well as its shape and bend, will affect how a material flows through the pipe.
Think of each bend as one that opens or closes as you approach.
The highest quality bends were achieved using specimens that had low specific gravity, fast growth, and were free of crossgrain.
The natural slight bend in the lead leg when it is lifted is fundamental to the lead-leg action (Photos 1-3).
Their workout includes splits, back bends, sit-ups, and handstand/push-up combinations, Nomin adds.
Producing acceptable parts from the very first bend, without time-consuming and scrap-producing trial bends, requires a combination of precision tooling, CNC control, and real-time monitoring of the bending process.
Local area network (LAN) and data center applications can benefit from the improved bend tolerance of these new OM3 (high-bandwidth, laser-optimized) cable assemblies with Corning[R] ClearCurve[R] multimode fiber.