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Since scour and flow patterns are of high importance in river and hydraulics engineering, a great number of researchers have always conducted studies on flow structure and sediment transport through bend and straight reaches.
IPC-2223, Sectional Design Standard for Flexible Printed Boards, has historically contained a set of formulas to assist in determining minimum bend radius.
Meanwhile, kids have taken it upon themselves to be the unofficial bend testers of iPhone 6 in stores, not caring if they destroy units that are not theirs.
The iPhone 5 and 5S both had a tendency to bend if you sat down with them in your rear pocket.
The mandrel extension length e refers to the mandrel body extension length exceeding the bending tangent point (the point where the tube will begin to bend) as shown in Figure 1(a).
Bend diameter was controlled by placing the pipe close to the blocks initially, then moving the pipe away from the oak blocks to maintain the desired bend diameter.
In single-phase flow, this force is directed from the instantaneous center of curvature to the outer wall of the bend, and combined with the presence of a boundary layer at the wall, produces a secondary flow ideally organized into two symmetrical vortices.
15 Science, use different approaches to bend light in the opposite direction than it would bend when encountering an ordinary material, says Xiang Zhang of the University of California, Berkeley, senior author of both papers.
Other critical performance characteristics to look for in a BOF include: full spectrum attenuation performance from 1,260 nm to 1,625 nm (even in tight bends); zero water peak to ensure the product is ready for future bandwidth upgrades; low splice loss when splicing either to itself or to the existing fiber base; and low polarization mode dispersion (PMD).
Keep the weight on the back leg and slightly bend the knee to aid stability.
Where the loops bend in round-edged angles, the posts keep their square-cut profiles; contrarily, when they stretch in straight extensions, they twist like candy canes, or like the braided rods that brace a carousel's wooden horses.
The methyl stretches and bends have disappeared and are replaced by CCL stretches at 688 and 615 [cm.sup.-1].