beneath consideration

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It's almost impossible to come back from a position where people or teams believe that their counterparts are worthless or beneath consideration.
(The top profession is truck driving.) The thought that women might find satisfaction in work that Lukas considers beneath consideration is just as unlikely to occur to her as it is to occur to Caitlin Flanagan.
The dictionary's definition of contempt is a feeling that a person or a thing is worthless or beneath consideration. This just sums up the attitude of politicians of whichever party and explains why most of us hold them in such low esteem.
Worldwide, the percentage of musicians who make significant income from the sale of CDs is so small as to be beneath consideration. Yes, some musicians make a lot of money from CDs.
The notion that Lynch might be Hou's peer--let alone a more expressive, daring, boundary-crossing artist than the cloistered Taiwanese grandmaster--was simply beneath consideration. After all, Lynch is an American, and not the good indie sick soul-of-the-nation-hating variety, but the worst kind of American at that: He actually likes his own people.