beneath contempt

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Whichever sex the particular child in question happens not to belong to is considered as beneath contempt, and any mention of it is taken as a personal insult to the family.
She sent her whale-boat down the coast twenty miles for limes and oranges, and wanted to know scathingly why said fruits had not long since been planted at Berande, while he was beneath contempt because there was no kitchen garden.
Otherwise, his conduct would be beneath contempt and horrible.
As for Ryan, this swaggering coward is beneath contempt.
But to simultaneously cut a lifeline to 400,000 people living across the entire island of Ireland is beneath contempt.
Some people, it seems, are beneath contempt and beyond the understanding of all decent, right-thinking people.
But the crooks who defraud the system are beneath contempt.
He said: "The criminal terrorists responsible for the series of bomb-scares and hijackings are beneath contempt and have no support whatsoever in the community.
His claim that if Blyth Valley District Council continued there would be no financial issues is beneath contempt.
Members are beneath contempt in the view of the regional office.
Serial reoffenders who regard them as beneath contempt should, of course, be dealt with more severely.
But a friend of the Morton family hit back at Bonini, saying: 'He is beneath contempt.