beneath notice

References in classic literature ?
In respect of himself, he was a person beneath notice.
Surely," she said to the lawyer, "this is beneath notice.
Had this been less frequent, it would have been beneath notice.
Hunt also makes clear the fallacy of looking at Pratchett's work the way others would at other works of literature: "Canonical literature generally excludes fantasy, marginalizes comedy, and regards children's books as beneath notice [.
They're so ubiquitous that they are almost beneath notice in terms of thinking about technology in the office environment.
Others, such as industrial carpet and fluorescent lights, are metaphorically small, normally beneath notice.
Here too, at the time, the mistakes may have seemed beneath notice (and at several points Cannon admits that in his daily reporting on the case for the Post, he didn't notice them either), but Official Negligence adeptly shows how they added up.
I doubt that marriage brokering as a method of building and sustaining alliances would ever return to favour, though some of our more obsessive aspirants for the Moderator's chair at General Assembly might not consider it beneath notice altogether.
The difference, for me, was that Borden cared about small matters such as day-to-day politics and the material world, which for Gorris were beneath notice, though not contempt.
Many of these concepts and assumptions, in fact, now trouble our studies by staying beneath notice (let alone beyond contest).
They could try to save face by studiously ignoring the black faces they encountered on the streets and acting as if the black troops were simply beneath notice.