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Decorative designs fill corners of the image and there are bands of verse and benedictory inscriptions inside and outside the rim of the bowl.
7) Or it developed in anticipation of a kiss, as in the laughing bourdez of the deceitful, seductive chatelaine of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, whose mirthful society erupted in peals of laughter from the derisory to the benedictory.
The explanatory note at the bottom informs us that the verse is a Nandi, a benedictory verse, recited at the beginning of a play.
The commentary may have been written some time after the poem; it has an individual title (Gudharthavivarana, unlike the generic Vivarana for the Durga digest) and its own benedictory verse.
Preceding all acts is a prologue (purvaranga) which itself is preceded by a traditional benedictory verse (mangalacarana).
37) The oracle report SAA 9 9, which shares literary affinities with SAA 3 13 as well as the same cultic context, displays promise of blessing for the king in third person (SAA 9 9: 3-7), followed by first-person divine speech addressing the king in second person (SAA 9 9: 8-28), then a benedictory prayer for the king in third person (SAA 9 9 r.