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As a result of this benefaction, the Library's courtroom illustrations are the most comprehensive in any American institution.
Benefaction extended by Wendy, a human; catching a journey as a stowaway on an airliner, choosing some first-class friends; especially a Puffin and a Parrot, and, even his accomplishment of learning human talk all are elements of Pengey's huge adventure.
The biggest benefaction of this venture is that it brings Indian mangoes to the world.
Professor David Cardwell, head of the department of engineering, said: "We are extremely grateful for this generous benefaction from Dr John C Taylor and honoured that this professorship will not only bear the name of such a distinguished inventor and engineer, but will help future generations to follow in his footsteps."
In April, King of Jordan Abdullah II made a substantial personal donation to the project, in the form of a Royal Benefaction (makruma).
Kartar Lalvani would like everyone, Britons and Indians alike, to 'acknowledge the positive aspects of the colonial period.' He does not deny the exploitative excesses of the British presence In India but he also cherishes the 'lasting legacy we inherited', not least a 'liberalism' that 'was high minded and enduring in its benefaction.' If the two nations want a shared future based on 'partnership, equality and friendship' they must jettison the 'baggage of a purely negative and wasteful interpretation of history.' It is high time, Lalvani announces, 'to give credit where credit is due.'
In through Lovewit's front door pour London's greedy merchants, naive idiots and middle class young women, mere pawns in the cheating game, all of them anxious to benefit from the mysteries of alchemy, or to extract a kind of spiritual benefaction from the thrilling Philosopher's Stone, possession of which can bring spiritual beings down the chimney or at least guarantee spiritual cleansing, a cosy distraction while the pewter table service turns into 22-carat bullion.
These parties sacrificed merit over benefaction and personal interests sidelined national priorities.
Howell ("The Imperial Authority and Benefaction of Centurions and Acts 10:34-43: A Response to C.
Under fiduciary service mandates, the beneficiary (11)--or a benefactor who wishes to make a mediated benefaction to the beneficiary--authorizes the fiduciary to act.
Sugar mill owners are becoming millionaire overnight with the benefaction of politicians; they are in incessant contact with politicians but before government's act of imposing duty charges sugar was being sold at Rs.45 and hereafter its price goes up Rs.62 surprisingly.
Founded in 1910 with the benefaction of Alderman Kirby, Kirby Grammar School was opened in 1911 by Prince Arthur of Connaught, and its first headmistress was Miss L B Marshall, followed by Miss McCombie (1916-1943), Miss Hutt (1943-49) and Miss Gertrude Muddle.