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Indeed, he always regarded his late entry into the mining industry as a benefaction since he was less exposed to the risks of pneumoconiosis than those Cefneithin contemporaries who began at fourteen.
Founded in 1910 with the benefaction of Alderman Kirby, Kirby Grammar School was opened in 1911 by Prince Arthur of Connaught, and its first headmistress was Miss L B Marshall, followed by Miss McCombie (1916-1943), Miss Hutt (1943-49) and Miss Gertrude Muddle.
MANAMA: His Majesty King Hamad stressed the importance of Ramadan in disseminating a culture of love, tolerance, peace and benefaction.
Pakistan is an outcome of the benefaction of Sufi saints and we can protect solidarity of the country by following the teachings of the Saints.
In interpretation of verse 32 of Surah AlQalam, " Mola Fatolah Kashani" paraphrase Raghab: " Ragheb means we want his pardon and benefaction and we want to obey him or her [13].
The aforementioned queries are coupled with various ones related to the billions of dollars pouring from rich Gulf States, particularly the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, whose rulers have pledged support to Egypt's ailing economy directly through the Military Establishment, hence bypassing the other executive institutions, which, according to Major General Taher Abdullah, the Head of the Engineering Authority of the Military Establishment, confirmed the fact that the Gulf states have entrusted the army in managing the benefaction and spending them as it deems fit.
The Copyright Act, 1801, which had given Trinity College a right to claim a copy of all books and journals published in Britain and Ireland, was also the most significant benefaction in the library's history and drove the need for ever more book space.
7 asks that the righteous person flourish under good government, the Septuagint asks that same benefaction for righteousness itself.
The main pillars of Yazidiism are truth, which entails telling the truth, benefaction and good deeds, and knowledge, which means knowing God, people and science.
The world's 16th largest foreign aid donors last year, the UAE is now paying tribute to the man who made known to the world his country's leadership, and spread the virtues of his culture, through the universal language of benefaction and goodwill.
Sohail Khan, who is already respectfully acknowledged for his philanthropic works in the notable Being Human charity, social benefaction cricket matches, relief and welfare art exhibitions and more, will also be associated with the Corporate Social Responsibility Program of Pacific Ventures for the Al Noor Training Centre for Children with Special Needs.