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Mike Baker, Arthur Burrows, Mark Playle, Corinne Shields, Tracey Baker and her son Ryan are hoping a benefactor will step in to help buy Sully Island and keep it open to the public PICTURE: Peter Bolter [umlaut]
Volunteer Barry Hunt, who grew up near RAF Woodford, where the plane was built, explained: "Last year, a benefactor paid for the Vulcan to come to Southport and we're hoping they will do again.
Stephanie, one of 43 finalists in the Young Scot awards, said of her benefactor yesterday: "I will never be able to thank this man enough.
Dr James Martin - the university's most prominent benefactor in modern times - will offer to meet gifts of at least 1 million dollars (about pounds 720,000), up to a total of 50 million dollars, until March 12, 2010.
It is a very influential and thriving company and a great benefactor to many people in the North East.
Wealthy benefactor or consortium with GSOH to run superior Welsh Rugby Union.
Amid a host of glitterati from the world of the arts, including several wealthy American benefactors, he appeared untroubled by the latest reminder of his failed marriage and the untimely death of the Princess.
Sir David Attenborough was set to launch a last-ditch appeal yesterday to save the painting for the nation - but instead the gallery announced the benefactor, believed to be British, had come forward with the money.
Last December, just two weeks before he died, the Foundation voted to rename its annual awards the David Swit Journalism Awards, to honor the past president, generous benefactor, and member of both the Newsletter Publishers Hall of Fame and the Foundation's Hall of Fame.
In the Middle Ages, notes Burton Anderson in Wine Enthusiast (April 1998), "the Catholic Church remained the major benefactor of wine in Europe.
A mystery benefactor hid the Winning Streak cards among the 70,000 books as part of a publicity stunt.
And the cover story of the new quarterly American Benefactor blasted the "misers" of Silicon Valley.