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CITY LEGEND: Maureen O'Hara played Coventry's most famed benefactress in the 1955 film Lady Godiva; RECOGNITION: A 1723 graving of Lady Godiva from A Collection of Ballads
When that district gained its own church, Saint John the Evangelist, Louisa Anne again proved to be a generous benefactress.
Sex: You find a well-endowed benefactress to fund your assorted projects this December.
A scandalous love affair develops between a young, newly married artist and his older benefactress.
Among the items on sale are mugs with two designs depicting Lady Godiva, the Priory benefactress.
In the late Victorian era, infant death rates dropped thanks to village benefactress Mrs Elizabeth Malleson, a poineer in the field of district nursing.
Moved by pity and admiration, she becomes the benefactress of Odysseus and pleads with Zeus, her father, to release the hero from the seven-year embrace of the nymph Calypso.
Try to find a well-endowed benefactress to see you through the hard times.
Teacher and member of the school's marketing group David Roberts said: ''She was seen as a friend of the school and a kind of benefactress.
Dilsey Gibson, the bullying but beloved black family retainer, cook, financier (in petty extravagances), and benefactress, who maintains family standards that no longer concern the Compsons.
The Lortel Awards will be presented May 5 at the West Village venue also named for the prominent theater benefactress, who died in 1999.
before being reunited with his benefactress, who's set to marry her prince (James Millard).