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I mean, that we are liable to be imposed upon, and to confer our choicest favours often on the undeserving, as you must own was your case in your bounty to that worthless fellow Partridge: for two or three such examples must greatly lessen the inward satisfaction which a good man would otherwise find in generosity; nay, may even make him timorous in bestowing, lest he should be guilty of supporting vice, and encouraging the wicked; a crime of a very black dye, and for which it will by no means be a sufficient excuse, that we have not actually intended such an encouragement; unless we have used the utmost caution in chusing the objects of our beneficence.
It was visible in the calm and well-considered beneficence of his daily life, the quiet stream of which had made a wide green margin all along its course.
Its look of grand beneficence seemed to embrace the world.
that has brought a blind beneficence to the aid of an equally blind misery.
He received them in his poor room (he disliked an introduction in the mere yard, as informal--a thing that might happen to anybody), with a kind of bowed-down beneficence.
The project for a new environment for Emergencies will be built on the grounds of the former School of Nurses, owned by the Public Beneficence of Lima.
Reyes also reminded everyone to thank God for His continuing providence and grace and to likewise share what they have so that others may experience the joy of God's beneficence.
This not only benefits them but also the organization they work for resulting in mutual beneficence.
They relate to Mesopotamia, Egypt, Israel, Rome, Greece, early Christianity, the European Middle Ages, Islam, early modern Europe, and the 19th through the 21st centuries, and themes like concepts of health, the causes and cure of disease, medical ethics, theodicy, beneficence, religious healing, consolation, and death and dying.
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The Prime Minister termed Pakistan as the beneficence of Allama Iqbal, who dreamt for the establishment of this land.
Further, he highlighted Kuwait's incessant support of the needy and hapless, saying that "Kuwait is accustomed to such benevolence, given the country's illustrious history of beneficence.