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1) n. any profit or acquired right or privilege, primarily through a contract. 2) in worker's compensation the term "benefit" is the insurance payment resulting from a fatal accident on the job, while "compensation" is for injury without death. 3) in income taxation, anything that brings economic gain. 4) "fringe benefits" are rights from employment other than salary or wages, including health or disability insurance. 5) v. to gain a benefit. (See: contract)

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BENEFIT. This word is used in the same sense as gain (q. v.) and profits. (q. v.) 20 Toull. n. 199.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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'So, I am clear that Nigerians will not have any basis to give PDP the benefit of the doubt.'
However, a trawl of internet message boards tells me that many people believe a try should have been awarded because the absence of a visible ball qualifies for 'benefit of the doubt' status, or to put it another way, if there's a chance (even a small one) that a try may have been scored, it should be given.
"We believe children should be given the benefit of the doubt and ...
I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. These things happen.''
Blair does deserve the benefit of the doubt. We can't write him off just because of one gross error of misjudgment.
He was given the benefit of the doubt by the third umpire, but even the Australian opener believes it was time for more cameras to be used to stop similar controversies.
That's why we just put that in it's just for the benefit of the doubt,' said CSB head coach TY Tang.
However, the judge acquitted two other suspects Farooq Rehman and Hakeem Zeeshan of the charges giving them the benefit of the doubt.
To which, the court, while giving the benefit of the doubt, ordered for the acquittal of four persons.
But I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt.
Maybe the benefit of the doubt will go to the defender more often - Young is making a reputation for himself.
Sydney, Feb 3( ANI ): Former Australian fast bowler Mike Kasprowicz feels its fair to allow batsmen to play the switch hit, but only on two conditions which are the ball cannot be considered to be pitching outside leg stump for a leg before wicket and the second one is, the benefit of the doubt should then go to the bowler.