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The DSMB will conduct a full analysis of safety and treatment benefit-risk ratio of all patients enrolled to date (3234) with a focus on serious adverse events related to allergic reactions.
For individuals at increased risk--having one or more cardiovascular risk factors or being at least age 50 years in men or at least age 60 years in women--the USPSTF once again found insufficient evidence to evaluate the benefit-risk ratio of screening with electrocardiography (ECG), exercise treadmill testing (ETT), or added electron-beam computerized tomography (EBCT).
Companies have to position a product's comparative benefit-risk ratio and patient compliance rating to persuade prescribers 7
Prior to the WHI, most data suggested HT was associated with a high degree of protection against coronary heart disease and a favorable benefit-risk ratio.
However, recent studies questioning the benefit-risk ratio of long-term estrogen use have increased the search for alternative treatments.