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These studies confirm that optimizing the timing of GC administration improves the benefit-risk ratio of long-term low dose GC treatment in patients with RA.
Innovative technology allows for reduced costs and development times when introducing new products to the market as well as providing reassurance on the benefit-risk ratio while it is on the market.
To determine whether the benefits of an experiment outweigh its risks, one must consider both sides of the benefit-risk ratio. In the experiments we are considering here, the subjects would be healthy individuals who would not stand to benefit medically or psychologically from participation.
The FDA only lifted its backside momentarily off the cushion of complaisance because the British Committee on Safety of Medicines concluded last year that the "risks of treating depressive illness in under 18s with certain SSRIs outweigh the benefits of treatment." Zoloft, Celexa, Paxil and Effexor were impugned, though Prozac got a thumbs-up as having a favorable benefit-risk ratio, a conclusion that some have found astounding.