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BENEVOLENCE, duty. The doing a kind action to another, from mere good will, without any legal obligation. It is a moral duty only, and it cannot be enforced by law. A good wan is benevolent to the poor, but no law can compel him to be so.

BENEVOLENCE, English law. An aid given by the subjects to the king under a pretended gratuity, but in realty it was an extortion and imposition.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The opposition lawmaker also raised alarm over China's acts of benevolence which may lead to 'debt trap diplomacy' in order to 'put the Philippines under its power.'
In contrast, the benevolence dependability value significantly predicted the subjective value of participants' intertemporal choice when their perceived socioeconomic status was low (-1 SD below the mean), [beta] = .366, t(111) = 2.667, p = .007.
The study examines how women came together to form organizations for purposes of benevolence, reform, and equality, which adds to scholarly understanding of how their activities shaped moral and Progressive reform during the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, and maintained political activism in the era after women gained the vote.
Critique: An exhaustively researched and deftly written work of original and seminal scholarship, "Benevolence, Moral Reform, Equality: Women's Activism in Kansas City, 1870-1940" is an exceptionally well organized and presented study that is unreservedly recommended for both community and academic library Women's History and Kansas State History collections and supplemental studies lists.
Al Rabeeah signed the first and second agreement with the Benevolence Coalition for Humanitarian Relief which aims to implement
Box 5262, Elgin IL 60121-5262, Attention: Benevolence.
May this time of the rolling year be a comfort to you, and may we all remember the business poor Marley forgot: charity, mercy, forbearance and benevolence.
Carol Adams was anointed as Queen Mother Benevolence of Foreke-Dschang, a city in the west of Cameroon, and also given the role of advisor to the king of the region.
This moving anecdote from Philippines is all about benevolence that goes beyond the obvious.
Proceeds from the t-shirt sales went to the professional engagement council and the employee benevolence fund.
Can we gain selfish, life-serving values by engaging in acts of benevolence or generosity?
One dimension positions 'self-enhancement' values such as power and achievement as opposed to 'self-transcendence' values such as universalism and benevolence; the second dimension places values of 'conservatism' such as religion, security and conformity in contrast to 'openness to change' values, including creativity, excitement and independence.