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BENEVOLENCE, duty. The doing a kind action to another, from mere good will, without any legal obligation. It is a moral duty only, and it cannot be enforced by law. A good wan is benevolent to the poor, but no law can compel him to be so.

BENEVOLENCE, English law. An aid given by the subjects to the king under a pretended gratuity, but in realty it was an extortion and imposition.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Adding to the surreal quality, Jaime Kim's gouache watermedia and acrylics light up the dark night sky with depictions of the benevolently glowing celestial body.
But Simone de Beauvoir tells us that this nostalgia for a simpler, trouble-free past is about the wish to return to an era of freedom without responsibility and the hope that more powerful others will benevolently manage our lives and protect us from randomness and chance.
* "Americans are benevolently ignorant about Canada, while Canadians are malevolently well informed about the United States." 6 J.
#It was worth buying the Mirror (October 7) just to read the story about the lady who so benevolently handed over PS20 to elderly Arthur Bennett, who had forgotten his wallet in Aldi.
Back in the USA, American politicians were hard-pressed to prove to their constituents that Filipinos were longing to be benevolently assimilated, contrary to Mark Twain's anti-imperialist statements.
For Muslims, these include perfecting one's work and dealing with others decently and benevolently," he said.
Examples of hostile sexism included agreeing that women tend to exaggerate problems at work, while someone who is benevolently sexist will believe women should be rescued before men from a sinking ship.
Being the guardian of Indian secularism, I request your Honour to kindly have in mind these concerns also while scheduling events and benevolently show equal importance and respect to the sacred days of all religions which are also declared as National Holidays," Justice Joseph wrote in his letter to the prime minister.
Specifically, this definition captures the conflict between interfering with an individual's choices and treating the individual benevolently, without making paternalism permissible or impermissible by definition.
Sir Patrick Moore will have been smiling benevolently from above when the introductory chords of Sibelius's incidental music to Maeterlinck's play, Pelleas and Melisande, rang out as At The Castle Gate became the theme music to the BBC's The Sky at Night.
But first we must all stop misguidedly believing these companies benevolently give us something for nothing.
Post-9/11 has been, therefore, turned into a massive "trial period" of whether the political leadership across the world would be alarmed enough about a dark future, and would benevolently lead the masses across the divides of faith to be closer to one another.