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Narratively, creator/director Daniele Finzi Pasca frames "Corteo" as a clown imagining his own funeral, with angels benevolently watching over the proceedings.
A GLORIOUS statue of the Madonna watches benevolently over the Olympic Stadium in Rome from one of the city's splendid hills.
Many say they would use an extra day off benevolently, with 16 per cent saying they would volunteer to help someone or to raise money for charity.
The guests lingered long after Mary had put away her camera, sipping wine and enjoying the sweeping view of the hills beyond while a few munching cows watched benevolently, and a black-and-white farm cat searched for scraps under the table.
Painting at the same time as the Impressionists, upon whom art history has smiled so benevolently for so long, many of them were both innovative and highly accomplished.
And when, upon my request, benevolently, but with proud self-respect addressing the young generation, too--he agrees to publish the silent slides of his, all photographed in his beloved Carpathian Basin, he combines the pictures with a special selection of music, which tugs at our heart strings so that in this magic atmosphere we are all forced to face, identify and recognise our existence as being Hungarian, Szekely, Serb or Slovak--that is to say our being different, peculiar, unique and irreproducible.
This owner or lead agent must benevolently determine what the core activities in an operational architecture will be and how to overcome community or stakeholder differences.
In 1890 a benevolently bowdlerized version of 115 of her poems was finally published and gradually became a model for "musical and sensitive" verse.
When Abena continues to offer her understanding of the dignity and position of women, Peg fights her anger and then benevolently forgives Abena because "I recognized that she is a product of her culture.
Palen benevolently hopes that Rushdie will have a religious encounter that will transform him; well, good luck.
In Mansfield Park (1999), poor relation Fanny Price (Frances O'Connor) is benevolently taken in to live and work at the wealthy estate of the Bertram family and gradually becomes their moral compass.
Now he is everywhere in Ashgabat, a city of 520,000 people, smiling benevolently from posters and murals.