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Hargrave, who, if equally benighted on the subject of our estrangement, saw at least that her daughter was behaving very improperly, 'I must insist upon your leaving the room
Now that we are coincidentally blessed or cursed by the nine-week interruption to the free flow of traffic to facilitate the removal of the benighted roundabouts at Penmaenmawr and Llanfairfechan it is worth noting that the most significant difference between the Conwy Tunnels and the Medway is that the Medway is not accessed by an expressway straddled by roundabouts.
The album includes traditional English carols such as "The First Nowell," "The Three Kings" and "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel," together with Scottish tunes such as "Gloomy Winter," "The Traveller Benighted in Snow" and "Leanabh an Aigh" (The Blessed Child), better known in recent years as the hit song "Morning has Broken.
A Keswick Mountain Rescue spokesman said: "While we recognise that there may be times where someone would need shelter having been benighted, we would really appreciate the equipment being put back in the same condition as it was removed.
Things have changed for the better since that benighted era, but the episode shows how at least one racial bomb shell still has explosive power, even though most have withered away.
Some parts of our benighted islands consider us English great unwashed, as infidels in our own country.
Whenever Kirklees Council asks for ideas from the poor benighted Kirklees public it always ignores what we want.
NORMALLY, most of us would take the "Let the benighted lie" attitude when coming across comments made by those that are clearly beyond enlightenment, but I would make an exception in the case of Gerry Doyle, who said bringing the Opium Wars into the discussion of democracy, Hong Kong and China was "laughable" (Support democracy, ECHO, January 12).
Memories are short, because there have been two interventions in that benighted state in the last 20 years, neither of which benefited the Iraqis.
But Osbourne is benighted enough, best-known for drink and drug excess and looking gormless on the ill-advised reality television show which bore the name of his rather frightful family.
And if the mission was to increase the poppy crop, the corruption and chaos in that benighted country, I suppose the whole affair has been a truly stunning success.
As a benighted, well, Knight of Columbus, I must be missing something.